Who is that driving your life?

Who is at the wheel?

We spend much time thinking, planning, preparing, calculating, moving-acting-doing, looking out into the world deciding where we want to go, what we want to do, who we want to be [breathe] we overlook who, exactly, we are.

The situation is much like planning a trip, choosing a destination, route, and even itinerary without really asking many questions, looking too deeply into, who it is that’s actually taking the trip. Leaning forward, staring out the windshield as we race down the street, taking in all the signs and billboards and letting them decide where to go, what’s best to do. We may heed some attention to the strong internal impulses, hunger, pain, the desire to pee, but once those nagging urges are dealt with, most likely with great haste and minimal attention, we are off again, eagerly looking around to see what’s important, what to do, ultimately who to be…

I say, this New Year, stop the car. Adjust the rearview mirror to look within. See the billboards, but do not take them as signs. Instead, close your eyes and follow internal cues. You may discover the masses depicted, suggested, or implied in billboards – whoever they are – may not, actually, reflect who you are. (They may not even be intended to…) You may be the same in so many characteristics perceivable to the eye, but I say those are not the most important. Or at least they are not the only important ones.

Life is crazy, stressful, and confusing, and much worse when taken in at break-neck speeds which so many like to live. It’s forgivable to take direction from so many around you eager to share (or shove) it. Be kind and thank them, but bear in mind they are not you. They may not have the same skills, dreams, or intentions. Though they may want it, insist on it sometimes it seems, they do not deserve to be in the driver seat of your life.



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